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Bands, Bells, Booty and Leg

Here are two video clips of a few movements that can be done using

a resistance band and a kettle bell. All work outs work both leg and booty.

They sell resistance bands usually in a pack of 3; ranging from easier to harder resistance on the bands.

Kettle Bells come in all different weights as well. I am using a 15lb here, but you do what you can and work your way up.

Again all movements do 10x and complete these circuits 3 times. Sometimes in my clips I will only show me doing a movement 5x or so because it's harder to upload longer clips to the computer. So I keep it short and sweet just to show you the basic movement.

PLEASE put in the work, don't short cut it. It should challenge you. Through time it will get easier and then you will know you are getting stronger.

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