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Fun Fitness From Home

I'm all about convenience. I'm all about affordability too. So if you're like me and want a way to get in shape without the expensive price tag or inconvenience of traveling to get to a gym; I have a solution.

I started 2 years ago in January; I wanted to prove to myself that it was possible to get gym-like results without the gym. No expensive equipment and not hour long sweat sessions.

Well here I am 2 years later and it works. My No Gym To Get Trim = Success. I'm hoping you join me on this journey, whether you're a new Mom wanting her body back, someone who wants to get healthier, you're a bride to be, medical scares you name it. I hope you find some of my tips and tricks helpful. My goal is to take away the excuses and put in the results.

I will be blogging about work outs, equipment, recipes, tips and tricks to help you stay commited to YOU!

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