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Mondays are the new Friday...


Everyone always frowns upon poor Mondays. The weekend is over, work is about to start again...We all fail to see the beauty it holds because were focusing on the negatives.

Mondays are strong, powerful days of the week. They are a blessing and a gift. They hold a lot of power and positivity if you let them.


* New week

*New opportunities

*New goals

*New adventures

*Endless possibilities

*Fresh start

So lets start treating Monday the way it deserves to be treated. Every Monday try waking up with a grateful heart; others weren't as blessed to wake up today.

Every Monday write down some goals you would like to reach. Write down what you are grateful for. Make a to do list for the week.

Never miss the power of a Monday! It sets off the entire energy for the week ahead.

If you're here to get inspired and to become motivated to start changing your everyday habits that will eventually change your wellness; you're in the right place.

You can only lead the horse to water though, you can't force it to drink.

I can help only as much as you're willing to help yourself. Once you commit to yourself and admit to yourself that you're doing this 100% for YOU, you will start to change.

For the next few days I want you to start tracking down what you're consuming.

*Write down everything that comes in contact with your mouth. (yes even gum)

*Write down quantity, times of the day and everything you drink as well.

Sometimes we physically need to see where our bad habits are in order to better them. It could be the types/kinds of food, the amount of food, the reasons why you are eating,(stressed, happy, bored?) Do you drink enough water? Not enough? Are your calories coming from drinks you consume?

Next see when you can squeeze in a 15 minute window for you time. For everyone it will look different. Do you have to get up earlier? Find the time on your lunch breaks? When your child/children are asleep/napping? Before bed? etc.

Sometimes we have to choose a time slot based on our motivation and energy levels as well. Not everyone is motivated and at their peak time during the day at the same time. Some of us are morning people, others more motivated around noon ( that's me) and some before bed. There is no right or wrong, you have to do what's best for you.

Don't forget Rome wasn't built in a day. Go slow. Be kind to yourself. The key is moving forward; starting now. The past is in the past and your future self deserves to look and feel better.

Wellness isn't a physical look, it's an overall well being of your body and mind. When they work together as one to get you living your best and healthiest version of yourself. When you start to look better, you will start to feel better and vice versa.

It's a contagious game of dominos. Once you start to notice the difference both mentally and physically, as well as others start complimenting on how amazing you are looking; you won't want to go back.

I want everyone at meals are all ok; we are human; but the key is not to fall off the wagon too long. Jump off and get back on as soon as you can. We have work to do.

I want everyone to start changing their way of thinking today.

Instead of saying, "I have to..." say "I get to..."

Your brain believes what you condition it to believe.

So today, "You get to change your life and eat healthy. You get to work out and reach new goals to better your life."

Have a great week!!!

<3 Gi

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