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No Equipment, No Time? These quick moves leave you with no excuses.

If you have space for a yoga mat and have 15-20 minutes ( even less if you move faster) than you can add these to your day.

It‘s a great first step in working out many muscles at once, all without equipment. All exercises should be 10 repetitions and 3 sets of each.

As you get better and feel stronger add a few more reps in every set.

I started over a year and a half ago in wanting to prove to myself that I could get gym-like results in the comfort of my own home. I didn't want another gym membership; I usually just end up donating my money without donating my time to the gym. I would try to get there before work- didn't want to wake up earlier or after work- I just wanted to get home, make dinner and see my family.

If any of these sound like you, than we are one in the same and there is hope for you. Persistence and commitment to yourself is all you need. A gym membership doesn't get you those things, so just having a membership wont get you into shape any faster then working out at home.

If your next thought is well I don't have any fitness equipment to get started, not an excuse that is going to work here. I have you covered. Some of the best, most full body work outs I do are using my own body weight. And most of those, end up using many muscle groups all at the same time; so they are even better for time management.

All exercises can be modified to your own fitness level; but again if you're not willing to work for it, you're not mentally ready to commit to this change. For me once I started looking and feeling better my brain switched from I have to do this, to I want to do this. Instead of a quick fix or doing it for a silly reason or to look good for a season; I now do it because It's become a part of my lifestyle. It's no longer a chore but a hobby.

Here are 10 Body Weight Exercises you can start with:

1- Burpees

2- Tuck Jumps

3- Push Ups

4- Dips

5- Lunges

6- Squats

7-Step Ups

8- Mountain Climbers

9- Wall Sits

10- Lunge Jumps

( If confused as to what any or all of these are the beauty of the internet at your fingertips is no loner an excuse either)

These 10 are all you need for a full body work out. No equipment, little time; these have you covered. They are proven to help with weight loss and muscle definition.

But are you willing to try?

Here are just a few examples of some exercises using your own body weight. I'm new to making and uploading videos, so sorry for the lack of professionalism. I started videoing myself trying to help friends that have reached out over the last few months. So these were never intended for the internet; but why not? If these can help you; than that's all I care about.

Later this week I will be uploading examples of the list of 10 body weight moves you can do from home.

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