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The Booty

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Here are a few leg and booty movements to get you feeling sore and looking toned. You can do some of these movements with or without weights.

If you have a resistance band, great! If not still doing these movements will be beneficial, until you can go out and purchase some bands.

The leg extensions floor circuit, can be used with/without ankle weights too. Today I forgot mine at home, but just the movements alone will still strengthen your muscles.

Same goes for the Kick back cable extensions, squats using the cable machine, lunges with hand weights, dead lifts using the bar etc. All movements can still be done in the privacy of your own home.

Yes using weights will yield faster and more noticeable results; but any movement is better than no movement.

We are all about the NO excuses card.

So get up and get moving!

P.S. I was having bad menstrual cramps this morning, so I remembered to use my Magnesium Spray; I also make and sell a Magnesium Cream. ( Which is my best seller)

Head over to our store to read more ways in which to use these products.

<3 Gi

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