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When there's a Will...

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

That old saying holds true for many things. So just this morning I woke up exhausted because my oldest dog doesn't do well in storms and we had one again last night. So he had me up and down, sleeping on the couch, going back and forth into other rooms etc.

But I made a promise last night that I was going to head to the gym and work out my shoulders and back.

So I push through make my protein shake and decaf tea and head out; only to find out my gym fob didn't work due to the storm last night. That darn storm, now twice is trying to disrupt my gym mojo; not going to happen! Messing with the wrong chick.

That's when the saying, "When there's a will, there's a way played in my head. I looked outside and noticed I could put my yoga mat on the sidewalk and use the playground as my equipment too. Luckily I always have a resistance band on me at all times and I drive around with my Wall Ball.

So come join me on my outdoor adventure this morning. I might have not worked out my shoulders and back today; but man did I get an amazing full body sweat sesh.

<3 Gi

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